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Property Trend In Thailand‏

Thailand is one country that has shown great positivity in maintaining its economic stability. The economy still runs evenly despite political pressures in the last decade. Investors have still found Thailand a popular choice for real estate development. Most of them have gotten used to the upheavals. Recently, report shows a significant price rise for property development in Thai market. Before your purchase, get familiar with the law in Thailand first.

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The prices of major residential estates have increased by almost 190 percent in the past two years. The pricing is such that its affordable to very few buyers. The increment has been significant in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Phnom Penh as well as Jakarta. The increasing prime land prices can be seen amid high demand and tight supply. However, buyers are still eyeing the downtown and midtown markets although recently it has become difficult to purchase property in the downtown with the increasing prices. This has reduced the size of the potential markets.

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Competition in major development sites continues to be high as usual. This has caused developers and investors to start looking overseas for opportunities. On the contrary, reports show an expected increase of buyers from overseas. This follows the demand in condo property as earlier mentioned. In this case, Phuket still remains a favorite with the highest tourism visits in south east. Tourists quickly become property investors as the climate is great and the area has very great scenery. The West coast is also very popular especially in areas such as Patong which has a great sea view. The entertainment joints around the region are also attractive to buyers including the accessible beaches.


Singapore’s Punggol Waterway – What You Need To Know


Punggol waterway Singapore and My Waterway Punggol are joints projects by National Parks and HDB. Punggol experienced the Chinese massacre during World War ll. The project is therefore for transforming Punggol into a vibrant Waterfront Town.

Overview of the Punggol Waterway Park Themes

As earlier stated, this park is designed in a way to give the new town a green and beautiful water frontage. The 4 main themes to make you consider Punggol town as you wedding photography destination are;

-Green Gallery: this gives you the feeling of nature when you stroll to admire the nature flora and fauna.

-Nature Cove: over here, you can sit around, gather for your wedding reception while enjoying the spectacular waterfront scenery.

-Recreation zone to offer fun activities such as sand and water play.

-Heritage Zone: take a walk down the heritage road and admire the mature trees and vegetation present. Ideal place to take your wedding photos.

Recreational Themes in Punggol

Crossing bridges over the Waterway

Built to detail, the bridge is conceived as a green pipeline linking two reservoirs and running across one of the oldest part in Singapore. From its innovative design and eco green concepts, the bridge has been internationally recognised as an environmentally engineering marvel. The construction of the five bridges; Jewel Bridge, Adventure Bridge, Heritage Bridge, Sunrise Bridge and wave Bridge enhanced its aesthetic value.

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Lorong Halus Wetland Reserve

If you are looking for a place to have your wedding picnic, this is the best to choose. This haven of biodiversity is located along the eastern bank of Serangoon and was transformed from a landfill. Spend some of your time exploring this beautiful wetland sitting on a land with an area of 18 football fields. When entering this wetland, you will be greeted by elegant Lorong Halus Bridge which is an additional charming feature.


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Living in an Indonesian Paradise‏

Located in South East Asia, Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world. A big nation made up of multiple island, Indonesia has a lot of property potential. There are many great factors that made up the uniqueness and value of the property in Indonesia.

The culture, the language, the landscapes and many more, like food, are reasons living in Indonesia is so special, you can, well, only experience it here!

Also, read this article for a better understanding.

Return To Paradise

Bali and Java are visited from all four corners of the planet. These islands are renowned for their cosmopolitan sophistication, which blends naturally with a tropical lifestyle and laid back hospitality. Normally, those who have visited this paradise once tend to return again and again. So, why not live there? Differing enormously from American and European prices, groceries are 67% lower in cost, clothing and accessories cost 125% less, hotels and restaurants charge less than 10% of American prices, alcohol is 55% cheaper and healthcare costs are 455% less than what is charged in the U.S. Tourist’s packages range from $1,650 to $12,00 for their 12 day vacations, but you need to be warned; you might not want to leave.

Procuring A Home

Although the process of buying real estate in Indonesia differs somewhat from many other nations, it’s simple enough to follow the steps and live confidently in an extremely stable real estate market. It’s necessary to procure a reputable agent, who will draw up a series of documents giving you a permanent “right of use” for your purchase. Business owners and investors use a PMA to acquire total control for 30 to 60 years. By abiding by Indonesia’s due process and retaining sound management, buying real estate in Indonesia is a viable; as well as a cost effective method of living cheaply and profitably in paradise. Did I mention the amazing golf courses? That’s another story.

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Real Estate in Hong Kong‏

Real estate is one of the best investment opportunities available in the market today. Thousands of people invest in this industry each year and reap good returns from it. Therefore, if you are interested in real estate and would love to invest in it, do not fear at all as you are in the right track. All you are required to do before getting into this type of investment is to learn a few things here and there that affect the industry and how they differ from one country, city or region.This is because, the returns reaped from this investment opportunity in one city, region or country differ significantly from those reaped in other cities, countries and or regions. This article highlights some of the information that you are required to know on investing in real estate in Hong Kong. The following are some of the important things that you need to know.

Space in Hong Kong is very sparse and expensive, even a toilet and staircase is hardly any space at all. To have a big spaced one is usually a feat and is expensive to have it.

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Who’s eligible to invest in this type of industry in Hong Kong
Anyone within or without Hong Kong can invest in this type of industry as long as he or she has all that is needed for him or her to acquire property. That is, it does not matter whether you are a local resident or a foreign investor interested in investing in this type of industry in Hong Kong. The only difference is that local residents pay less for a property as compared to foreign investors. Learn more about this rates online and on other resourceful materials for proper understanding.